Three Day Bags

What is a Three Day Bag ?
Everything you need to get along on an Adventure, An Emergency or Evacuation

  • Complete – Something complete to rely on for more than a few days
  • Portable – Large Enough for more than a day, yet smaller than a full backpack or Luggage
  • Ready to Go – Waiting, on a shelf or hook, near a door

3 Day Bag Types

Why a Three Day Bag ?

  • Consistency & Comfort:
    If you are going out and having adventures, be prepared to enjoy them. Bringing necessary gear ensures you can spend more time on the experience
  • Natural Disasters:
    While at home or traveling, we can encounter the forces of nature.
    Hurricanes, Floods, Heavy Rain, Summer or Winter Storms, Tornadoes, Earthquakes, etc
  • Evacuation:
    Many reasons could require you Abandon your Home; Train Wreck, Truck Crash, Fuel / Chemical Spill, etc

What Types of Three Day Bag ?

What to have in a 3-day Pack ?

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